Sunday, May 30, 2010

1st Anniversary

Yes it has already been a year, crazy I know! This is how we celebrated our anniversary weekend.
Romantic huh. but really we couldn't pass up the chance to make some money for school and it was worth it! This is how we will spend our summer making money. It will be tough but we will have all winter to recover.

One customer today even recognized me as "the ring girl" funny huh. It made my day.

This past year has gone by so fast. We have both grown a lot and learned a lot. We are even more in love than this time last year. <3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lake Powell

Our Anniversary is coming up this weekend but we have to work so last weekend we went to Lake Powell to celebrate.
Yeah my husband is pretty much amazing.
It was a fun time with my honey. I can't believe its already almost been a year!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Saturday we went fishing all day with our friends Bracy and Shaun. First we went to Navajo Lake and had no luck...

Then we went to Morgan lake for a few hours and Rudy came with us. He loved it. We didn't have much luck at Morgan either. We were getting ready to leave and I said One more. Well one more was all it took. I caught a catfish!
Rudy went crazy over the fish, but we put it back. All in all a great day of fishing!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paria Canyon

This past weekend we went on a hike near Page, AZ. It is in Peria Canyon and was about 28 miles total in 3 days. It was a lot of fun, but tough! We went with Reed's parents, brother Preston, sister Paige, and his aunt and uncle that live in Monticello.
Rudy absolutely loved it! We even got him a little pack for him to carry his own food.

Yeah we had to walk through waist deep freezing cold muddy water... more than once.

This is the Paria River..Freezing cold water.Finally done....