Monday, August 25, 2008

How Rumors Start

When I decided to go to San Juan for another semester I had to tell my friends why I wasn't going to UNM. I was telling Brooke why I wasn't going and I told her that I found the love of my life and was getting married in December. Brooke knowing that I'm a jokester and knew that it was only a lie replied "oh kait are you pregnant?" 
Then I went on to tell her the real reason why.

So Brooke works at the pool and she was telling some other girls about the whole thing because she thought it was pretty funny. While she was telling our friends someone, lets call her Helga, was eavesdropping on the conversation that they were having. Since Helga didn't receive the whole story the only part she heard was me being pregnant.

Helga went home and told her mom and who knows who else that I was pregnant.

So one lovely morning while my mom was walking at the track Helga's mom comes up to my mom and says 
Helga's mom: "Um I have a weird question to ask you.... Is kaitlin pregnant?"
My mom: "Uh what? Kaitlin? No she's not pregnant!"
Helga's mom: "Helga just heard some girls talking and they said that she is pregnant."
My mom: "NO Kaitlin isn't pregnant she doesn't even have a boyfriend!"
Helga's mom: " Well you know that happens to young girls all the time."
My mom: "NO uhh Kaitlin is not pregnant."

So my mom comes home and tells me what happens and I just laugh. My mom didn't think it was very funny because she didn't want some rumor going around about the stake presidents daughter. My Sisters & friends thought it was funny too because they know that is not me. 
I learned my lesson(s) from this though. 
1) don't believe rumors
2) don't make up lies about falling in love (even though your friends know its a joke)
3) If you do make up a lie make sure there are no eavesdroppers hah

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Being a Good Samaritan :)

About a couple months ago two of my friends and I, Charlton and Jacob were on our way home from Farmington and I was driving. I was turning off the main highway to the old highway that goes to my house. It was a really windy day and as we were turning there was a sign on the corner that had been blown over so I pulled over my car put it in park and said to them 

"Hey lets go pick up that sign."
They were like "ok we'll do our good deed for the day". 

I started to get out of my car very slowly and I was only halfway out by the time they had already closed their doors. So I pull a fast one on them and hurry up, get back in and throw the care back into drive. I peeled out leaving them in the dust and in the rearview mirror I can see their faces drop and imagine them saying OH CRAP!! ( ha if not worse especially since it was freezing outside)

I'm not that mean of a friend so I don't go far and get out of my car and start laughing as hard as I could, because after all it was hilarious. They run to the car and get in because by that point they don't trust me anymore.. Then I said 
"No I'm serious lets really pick up that sign."

We went back and picked it up and I seriously laughed the whole way home. They ended up laughing a little bit too and admitted that it was a good joke. Ha hA I still laugh when I think about it. 

Monday, August 4, 2008

Unexpected Treasure

One of my favorite things is putting on a pair of pants you haven't wore in a long time, then you stick your hands in your pocket and find some money you forgot about.

Of course the money I found this morning didn't look like this <-- but that sure would've been nice.

The money i found looked more like this -->
Even though it wasn't much it still makes my day finding a little cash unexpected.