Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tallinn Day 5

{Sunday May 20}
We went to the branch here and got to see some people Reed knew. This is Tatiana and her daughter Polina. Reed didn't know them but they were baptized because of Maria who Reed baptized. It is just cool seeing how the church can work with committed members.

 We went to old town one last time. This is the sweater wall where a bunch of ladies sell, obviously sweaters and hats and things like that.
 We bought a little hand painted painting from this lady to remember Tallinn.
 They sell flowers everywhere. I love it.
We stopped to get some ice cream for the last time.
Took one last stroll on the beach. P.S. they have wifi on their beach and their big parks. It is awesome!
Saw the Okas family for the last time and had to say goodbye.
I've had a hard time writing this last post mostly because I didn't want to leave.  I got to meet some of the most amazing, humble people. I wish I could've taken them all home in my suit case. I now know why Reed loved his mission so much!

We definitely had the experience of a lifetime for the two weeks we were there, one that has changed my life forever. I can't describe in words how much fun we had and how much I'll miss it there. The people were so nice and welcoming to me I felt like I've known them forever.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tallinn Day 4

 {Saturday May 19}
We took the Okas family to see Avengers 3D. It was English with Russian subtitles so I was good to go. I was happy to hear English as the only person I've been able to talk to is Reed. We had some good snacks and everyone loved the movie.
Afterwards we went to their house for a little BBQ. In the Baltics they make this kabob called shasklik. It was super super good and is one of my favorite things I've had to eat. I'm craving it as I type this. All the food we had was super good

 Then we went to hangout in oldtown one last time with Todd and Alisha because it was their last day.
 Things are never dull with my dorky husband, but oh how I love him.
We had to go to Compressors one last time. MMmmm their food is so stinking good I can't get over it.
The dairy in Estonia is to die for! Seriously to die for! People put sour cream on everything, sounds disgusting yes but it is nothing like our sour cream it tastes so good! Their yogurt is also so amazing. We would buy containers at the store and just chug it. I wish I could've taken a suit case home of their yogurt it is just so good you can't understand. This is their baked apple flavor which is the best it has little chunks of baked apple in it. MMM it is the best!
One of my favorite doors from today. The doors here deserved their own separate post there are so many cool ones. I am going to make a collage when I get home. 

Tallinn Day 3

{Friday May 18}
Today we rented a car so we could go to a place called Narva that Reed and Todd served in. On the way there we stopped to play on this swing. Todd and Reed were having way too much fun on it. Reed wants to make one of these some day.

On the way we saw this cute windmill we had to stop to get some pictures of it.

The coolest thing about Narva is that it is right on the Russian border. In the picture below the left castle is in Estonia and the right is Russia. I thought it would be cool to go over to Russia for a little bit to say I have but you have to have a visa and I guess it is pretty hard.
But we got to go in the castle on the Estonia side.

 We stopped to see this lady Marika. She was super nice.
 Before we headed home we had to stop by the beach and do a few cartwheels.

 So I first saw these stork nests on the way to Daugavpills but I couldn't get a good picture but here it is now. They are huge! I got out to get the momma stork to move so we could see her and her babies better. It was cool seeing this since I've never seen a stork before, maybe they will visit me now with a baby. :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tallinn Day 2

{Thursday May 17}
 First thing Reed and I did was hike to the top of this church here. It was a long ways up but worth the view.
We then met up with Todd and Alisha to eat at one of the missionaries favorite places called Compressors. They have the best food called bleni, not sure how to spell that, but it was amazing! It is like thin pancakes stuffed with whatever you want. We had a chicken and feta one and then a peach creme one for dessert.

 After a good meal we went to take a tour of a old prison that was shut down here 7 years ago. It was creepy and disgusting for sure!
 We ended our day just hanging out and having fun and eating some more ice cream of course.