Saturday, February 28, 2009


My flight has been delayed from Denver to Houston so I have a couple hours to spare. Everything is just so overwhelming and I still can't believe where I'm at. Reed is picking me up at the airport in Houston tonight and tomorrow morning we are doing a interview over a web cam with the today show!

Then off to New York we go to be on the show Monday in the actual Studio. When I woke up this morning I never thought I'd be getting a call from NBC! They wanted us to be there immediately so I flew out of Durango at 5 and will be in Houston around 11.

I can't believe it wow! Hope you can all watch the show. I look forward to it but am scared to death at the same time. National television WOW!

(p.s. Janna I'll be calling you soon :) )
p.s.s thanks Meg for taking care of my blog

NYC or Bust

Reed & I will be on the Today Show Sunday morning & Monday morning. I am flying to Houston tonight to join Reed (he is there for work right now). We will do a web interview that will be on Sunday morning, then we are flying to NYC to do a LIVE interview!! 

Matt & Meredith here we come!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Reed and I just did an interview over Skype with KSL news in Salt Lake. We are on at 10 o clock tonight!! This is unreal! I can not belive how fast the word has been traveling. There is already a little story on their main web page so go check it out!
The Interview!

Video Courtesy of

KSL-TV did such a great job and I loved every minute of it! You can go to their site and read the story that they posted.

We have a interview planned for Tuesday with our local newspaper The Daily Times. Wow I am just in shock and still can't believe what is happening!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Today is just as exciting as my engagement day because today I get to wear my ring! It arrived this morning and I have never been so excited about my bodily functions. haha
Its so beautiful and I love it. It was definitely well worth the wait.

A lot of people have been joking with me about the whole thing sending me little messages like "this too shall pass" or "good things come to those who wait". They are definitely TRUE! It was well worth the wait and now that I've taken it to get cleaned I just can't help but look at it and laugh.

It's so sparkly and hard to see so this picture is off of Samuel's and is much better.

WOW! what a story I will NEVER EVER forget and I'm sure neither will most people.

I'm glad that I am done with worrying and waiting. Now I can eat what I want and not have to wait by the bathroom. haha Now I can relax and enjoy my ring on my FINGER. :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Engaged!!!

The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived. Its true, I'm engaged. But there is more to it than just a simple proposal. In fact its anything but simple.

I knew that he was proposing soon I just had NO clue when but I did not expect what actually happened. Last night after our Institute class our friends suggested for us all to go get frostys at Wendy's. So i agreed to go along since thats just a kind of thing we usually do.

We show up at Wendy's and I sit down with a couple friends while Reed is paying for our frosty. He comes to sit down and hands me mine. I start slowly eating away since after all it is ice cream and I hate brain Freezes. Then one of my friends gets the bright Idea to race, i'm up for a little competition so I agree to go along and start scarfing my frosty down. I mean I was taking huge bites and swallowing there was no tasting at all.

I get to the end and everyone starts staring at me with this weird worried look on their face and I have no clue what is going on around me. Reed picks up my cup looks in it and of course it is empty. Then he starts looking all around me like he lost something. Then everyone starts digging in their cups and looking around them. I have no clue what is going on this whole time.

Finally Reed gets up and tells me that he thinks I swallowed my ring. I could not believe it! I swore that i would've felt it but he gave me the right cup and thats the only place it could've been. The whole time i thought he was joking and i was waiting for him to propose. Then he suggests to go to the Emergency Room and get an xray.

We start to drive over and the whole time i still think he is joking. I was waiting for him to pull over and propose but it doesn't happen. We get to the hospital and walk in and check in and i realize this really must be happening.

We get the x-ray and there it is!!!!! Oh my goodness I could not believe that my engagement ring is in my stomach! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, but i think i did a little of both.

We go back to his house and he does the real proposal with the xray in hand haha with his family and our friends watching. But of course I said Yes even after all i just went through. Then we go off to tell my family what happened and they could not believe it and haven't stopped laughing ever since. Yes it is such a crazy fun story but i'll be much happier once its out haha.

Good new is that we got another x-ray and its moved quite a bit and is about to enter my large intestine. So my estimated arrival date is tomorrow afternoon. Lets just hope and pray!

Now just stop laughing for a moment and watch the video that my friend Racquel recorded. It is a bit lengthy but I promise its worth it!

I still can't belived this happened but it did. I'm not sure I would belive this story if I was anyone else especially coming from me. Its crazy and insane but thats my life. :)
I've been filled with fiber all day and been drinking tons and tons of water so hopefully everything goes smoothly literally hahaha

I will keep everyone updated on what happens next. But all kidding aside I'm so excited that i'm finally engaged and can't wait to spend the rest my life with the man of my dreams :)

Monday, February 23, 2009


This weekend Reed and I went to Blanding to visit his dad. It was a great trip!
We got to visit this house where his grandparents used to live many years ago and now it's used as a family cabin.
We also got to visit and play with some pigs :)
Then we went for a little 4-wheeling adventure. It was so pretty!

It was a great little weekend trip. We got to visit lots of family, had lots of fun and had many laughs along the way.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day this is what I gave Reed. Inside was a picture frame of us and little picture books that I made with pictures of us in it. Also there was a bunch of candy that I put little messages on like "You are a big hunk!" Although my sister's and mine all time favorite that we came up with ourselves (believe it or not hah) was "I hershey's jealous because your my boyfriend" My family laughed over that one forever. It was a little rezed out so we weren't sure if Reed would appreciate it as much as we did but he thought it was funny.
(Thanks Meg & Amanda for ideas and help)

And this.....

Is what he MADE for me, but not completely. His mom is really into antiques and had some rocking chairs that she hadn't redone yet so Reed got one and did it for me.

He knows I love to read so he got this scripture (D&C 88:118) put on for me and gave me that book in the chair. I absolutely love it and was was surprised when I got it. It is definitely something I will cherish for a long time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Binki Bandit on the loose

The Victim: Andrew
The Culprit: Kourtney
Kourtney absolutely loves Andrew's binki. We call her the binki bandit. You have to watch this little one at all times when a binki is around. She is so quick at pulling it out of Andrew's mouth that half the time we don't know she has taken it till she is hiding in the corner, quiet with a binki in her mouth. She always keeps everyone on their toes chasing after her at all times trying to get the pacifier back from her. Andrew is even used to it and doesn't give up much of a fight anymore.

She is so funny though! Even if she is a binki bandit we all still love her!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't Be Suprised

Today I got to do a little shopping with my sisters. Lets just say things can get a little crazy when its just us 3 girls...We started at hobby lobby to shop for a secret which may be revealed at a later date. But found this cool sign ^ that I'm thinking about buying for myself since my family calls me a fat girl cause I eat lots of cookies and drink lots of coke.
By the time we got to Walmart Kourtney was worn out from all the fun we were having so she was sprawled out passed out in the cart while we did our shopping. ha

But all in all it was a great day. I got to spend time with my crazy sisters and we accomplished our missions of the day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Last Night was Rodeo Night at Mcgee Park. We all dressed up to add to the fun. I totally look like a fake cowgirl but I had fun while doing it.

The whole gang. I have the best friends in the world!

I had the cutest cowboy at the whole Rodeo! :)