Saturday, November 15, 2008


Last Saturday I got to babysit this little one...

Livy likes to play with phones as I found out. So being the nice Aunt that I am I let her play with mine. In the mean time she managed to put my phone on lock. Yeah usually you think no big deal right? Just unlock it when she's done playing... This time no.

My friends Lacie and Charlton used to play this game where they take my phone and change my password to make me mad so I can't use my phone. However they would always unlock it for me so I could use it when I go home, but they would never tell me the password.

After Olivia locked my phone I called Lacie on Megan's house phone to ask her for the password.
Lacie: "Umm Charlton was the last one to change the password sorry..."

Great! Charlton is on a mission in FLORDIA! (just my luck)

After about 1 1/2 hours of playing with different passwords I figure it out. Thanks for practice for password hacking liv!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coke or Pepsi

We all have our personal favorites of what drink we prefer. Personally I prefer Coke. Well my grandma on the other hand prefers Pepsi. She has always been a Pepsi woman.

On certain occasions I will go up to Dairy Queen and get my grandma and I some lunch and she always asks me to bring her a medium Pepsi. Well Dairy Queen doesn't have Pepsi products so at first I would stop at a gas station on the way home and get her a Pepsi. This got tiring after a while, so I decided to try out something...

Instead I just got her a coke from dairy queen to see if she would notice. and she didn't! So I kept doing that every time. Today I did that again and when I brought her it I asked her how her Pepsi was. She went off telling me it was good and how Pepsi has always been her favorite drink. I just laughed inside..

I would've noticed if someone did that to me, but I don't think its wrong if she doesn't notice do you think? :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For halloween I went to a dance that the Single's ward had. My sister Megan told me to be a nerd. So I was a NERD!

My costume consisted of:
1. high water pants
2. un-matching socks
3. suspenders
4. jump drive around the neck.
5. buttons not matched up on my shirt with pens in pocket.
6. two watches (don't ask just thought it sounded good)
7. ugly sweater
8. kick me sign on my back
9. uneven pigtails, i used lots of gel in my hair to add to the nerd effect.
10. last but not least glasses with tape in the middle.

I felt a little retarded showing up to the dance since most girls were princesses or cheerleaders or something to that effect. But no not me! I'm not like most girls I didn't go for cute, I went for ugly.

The dance was fun though. The good thing was I could dance however I wanted and could be retarded because I was a nerd and thats what nerds do.
We played this fun game where you get a partner and they rap you with toilet paper until you're covered (like a mummy). Unfortunately I didn't win. (That's me there on the right)

I usually don't like dances or halloween but it was a fun night. The real surprise was I got asked out on a date!

Who would've thought that me as a nerd would've attracted someone. hmmm its a mystery to me. Probably because he just got home from his mission 5 days ago. He needed a 1st date and knew the nerd wouldn't turn him down. haha thats probably it. 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Time Low Concert!

On Monday a couple of my friends and I went to a Concert in Albuquerque. We saw All Time Low, Mayday Parade, The Maine, & Every Avenue. They were pretty much amazing.
The line was pretty long to get in and we got pretty bored. 
hah Lacie and some famous cases.
We barely got in the theater in time to see the last song of the first band Every Avenue.
Next up was one of my favorites The Maine.
We sat up on the balcony most of the time since it was pretty crazy downstairs but this ^ picture is of Lacie and I at the bottom pushing our way up as far as we could go. Lace has a white hat and I'm right next to her.
Mayday Parade was awesome too.
Crowd sufing anyone?
Finally it was All Time Low! They played my favorite song of theirs so I was way excited when they played it. 
All in all it was the best concert ever!