Saturday, November 15, 2008


Last Saturday I got to babysit this little one...

Livy likes to play with phones as I found out. So being the nice Aunt that I am I let her play with mine. In the mean time she managed to put my phone on lock. Yeah usually you think no big deal right? Just unlock it when she's done playing... This time no.

My friends Lacie and Charlton used to play this game where they take my phone and change my password to make me mad so I can't use my phone. However they would always unlock it for me so I could use it when I go home, but they would never tell me the password.

After Olivia locked my phone I called Lacie on Megan's house phone to ask her for the password.
Lacie: "Umm Charlton was the last one to change the password sorry..."

Great! Charlton is on a mission in FLORDIA! (just my luck)

After about 1 1/2 hours of playing with different passwords I figure it out. Thanks for practice for password hacking liv!


  1. OH NO! That is really funny!!! I am so glad you hacked it, what else could you have done? What would have happened if you couldn't hack it? Oh well, I am glad you got it figured it out! And yes, I hear you are a GREAT Auntie!!!