Tuesday, November 4, 2008


For halloween I went to a dance that the Single's ward had. My sister Megan told me to be a nerd. So I was a NERD!

My costume consisted of:
1. high water pants
2. un-matching socks
3. suspenders
4. jump drive around the neck.
5. buttons not matched up on my shirt with pens in pocket.
6. two watches (don't ask just thought it sounded good)
7. ugly sweater
8. kick me sign on my back
9. uneven pigtails, i used lots of gel in my hair to add to the nerd effect.
10. last but not least glasses with tape in the middle.

I felt a little retarded showing up to the dance since most girls were princesses or cheerleaders or something to that effect. But no not me! I'm not like most girls I didn't go for cute, I went for ugly.

The dance was fun though. The good thing was I could dance however I wanted and could be retarded because I was a nerd and thats what nerds do.
We played this fun game where you get a partner and they rap you with toilet paper until you're covered (like a mummy). Unfortunately I didn't win. (That's me there on the right)

I usually don't like dances or halloween but it was a fun night. The real surprise was I got asked out on a date!

Who would've thought that me as a nerd would've attracted someone. hmmm its a mystery to me. Probably because he just got home from his mission 5 days ago. He needed a 1st date and knew the nerd wouldn't turn him down. haha thats probably it. 


  1. You didn't tell us about the date! Who is it woman?

  2. I was going to say it's because you are so HOTT, but now looking at your reasoning your probably right. :) Sounds like you are having fun. I miss you and hope all is well. Tell me how the date went.