Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Coke or Pepsi

We all have our personal favorites of what drink we prefer. Personally I prefer Coke. Well my grandma on the other hand prefers Pepsi. She has always been a Pepsi woman.

On certain occasions I will go up to Dairy Queen and get my grandma and I some lunch and she always asks me to bring her a medium Pepsi. Well Dairy Queen doesn't have Pepsi products so at first I would stop at a gas station on the way home and get her a Pepsi. This got tiring after a while, so I decided to try out something...

Instead I just got her a coke from dairy queen to see if she would notice. and she didn't! So I kept doing that every time. Today I did that again and when I brought her it I asked her how her Pepsi was. She went off telling me it was good and how Pepsi has always been her favorite drink. I just laughed inside..

I would've noticed if someone did that to me, but I don't think its wrong if she doesn't notice do you think? :)


  1. LOL I can't believe grandma didn't notice!

  2. Ojo is crazy!! She didn't notice because she is losing her mind!

    wait is this about Grandma Whipple or Ojo?

    Maybe that is where you got your craziness from...Ojo!

  3. Of course she didn't know the difference. She can't even remember which kids are mine and Megan's. She's always asking "Is the boy your's or Megan's baby?" I agree with get your crazy's from her.

  4. That's the funniest story I've heard in a while. I love that you just secretly slipped her coke. Only you would think of things like this, that's why I love you.

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