Friday, February 27, 2009


Reed and I just did an interview over Skype with KSL news in Salt Lake. We are on at 10 o clock tonight!! This is unreal! I can not belive how fast the word has been traveling. There is already a little story on their main web page so go check it out!
The Interview!

Video Courtesy of

KSL-TV did such a great job and I loved every minute of it! You can go to their site and read the story that they posted.

We have a interview planned for Tuesday with our local newspaper The Daily Times. Wow I am just in shock and still can't believe what is happening!


  1. I would consider a private blog...your blog address was posted on the comment board on ksl...

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  3. i love you shoving your ring in the camera! Funny stuff!!

  4. After reading this incredible story, I can wish you much more than happiness in your future married life.
    It is nice that you take in your heart the memories that can pass from generation to generation. That's nice to have stories to tell and if it’s funny and amazing, even better!
    I would like to translate this story into Spanish for my blog post and spread this story to show that life can be beautiful, and the experiences of today could be tomorrow's teachings of love

  5. You guys are cuties! Congrats on the engagement. I'm glad you got that beautiful ring back. I would not have believed it either!