Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tallinn Day 3

{Friday May 18}
Today we rented a car so we could go to a place called Narva that Reed and Todd served in. On the way there we stopped to play on this swing. Todd and Reed were having way too much fun on it. Reed wants to make one of these some day.

On the way we saw this cute windmill we had to stop to get some pictures of it.

The coolest thing about Narva is that it is right on the Russian border. In the picture below the left castle is in Estonia and the right is Russia. I thought it would be cool to go over to Russia for a little bit to say I have but you have to have a visa and I guess it is pretty hard.
But we got to go in the castle on the Estonia side.

 We stopped to see this lady Marika. She was super nice.
 Before we headed home we had to stop by the beach and do a few cartwheels.

 So I first saw these stork nests on the way to Daugavpills but I couldn't get a good picture but here it is now. They are huge! I got out to get the momma stork to move so we could see her and her babies better. It was cool seeing this since I've never seen a stork before, maybe they will visit me now with a baby. :)

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  1. KK, I have really enjoyed reading these posts about your trip! It looked like so much fun!