Wednesday, May 16, 2012


{Monday May 14 & Tuesday 15}

Daugavpils, Latvia is a special place to Reed. Here we didn't really see any special sites, just special people. All of our time was spent with people Reed knew and loved while he served here but we had a blast!

We went and saw these boys that Reed loved playing with and tossing around.

 We went to family home evening with the branch here at Ludmilla's house. She is an awesome, sweet sweet lady.  I only have known her for 3 days and had a hard time saying goodbye. She loves Reed so much and thinks the world of him. As we were leaving she wanted to give me a gift, even though she hardly has much herself she gave me one of her scarves she loves, it meant so much to me. She is definitely somebody I will never forget.
We said goodbye to Tatjana and her grandson Vadeem, who was Reed's first baptism. I loved Tatjana she reminded me of my mom by her spunky attitude. She is always cracking little jokes and making people laugh. We thought she even looked like my mom a little bit.

This guy Artjom is one of the most amazing piano players I've ever seen. Reed sure liked being able to see him and catch up with what is going on with him. He recently got home from a mission in Moscow.
 We couldn't leave Daugavpils without a picture on the train tracks.
 These stat dogs were a part of our daily ritual. You can't get enough of them.
I can tell how awesome of a missionary Reed was by his love for these people as well as the love they have for him. They people have made an impact on my life forever and I will never forget them. It was hard saying goodbye because I just wish I could do more for them, but they know that because of the gospel they have everything. The people of Daugavpils now holds a special place in my heart I feel like I have known them forever.

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