Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finally Made It-Vilnius Day 1

Wow it has been a long couple of days! We started Monday after I got off work around 5 pm because my friend Sheleeha was letting us stay with her. Along the way it started raining pretty hard then all of a sudden rain turned into ice which let to us sliding off the road a little bit into a bush. We were just glad that was it but hitting the bush put our car out of alignment which we later found out we had a hole in the wall of our tire which can’t be fixed. Once we got to Sheleeha’s house Reed changed the tire and we were so happy when we found out the spare tire in my car was a real tire instead of a donut.

We got to the airport first thing Tuesday morning and checked in and got going without any problems. Flight after flight we got more and more tired. Reed tried not to sleep because he thought it would help him adjust to the time change better I tried for a little bit then said forget this I’m sleeping and slept a little bit every flight, well as much as you can sleep with your neck cranked so uncomfortable.
We finally landed in Vilnius today at about 1:00 pm local time, which is 4 am our home time and boy were we tired! We had another streak of luck when we found out one of our bags didn’t make it. Dangit! They are in the process of finding it so we are winging it until then.  We were pretty bummed after our streak of luck but once we got out in the city we forgot all about it and starting having tons of fun even though we were both so exhausted.

We grabbed a bite to eat, walked around old town and saw some really cool stuff. As we were walking around Reed asked an older lady how to get to a place and she was so nice and got on the bus with us to show us where to go and took us there, it was so nice of her. I love listening to Reed speak Russian to people even if I have no clue what is going on. Reed asked another person for directions, this time a man. He was the same and just took us to where we needed to go. A lot of people have been super friendly to us.

We ended our LONG day eating again, pizza, while watching hockey.  It was a sweet day and it is really neat here. So far I only have 2 complaints. 1. Everyone smokes here, I mean everyone! Everywhere we walk someone is smoking and it’s hard to get away from it. 2. People seriously need to use deodorant. There was a young girl that was our waitress tonight and she smelt just as bad as the old man giving us directions. Its something you just can’t get used to and is seriously just gross!

All in all it was a good day. We are safe and having a good time. Now that it is almost 1 AM I better get to bed for a long day tomorrow


  1. I'm so excited that you got to go. I can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  2. This is Brad's wife (so you know I'm not a stalker :) )- it looks so beautiful there. enjoy it, time will go by so fast. & yes I agree, both of those are gross.

  3. YAY, you made it. Have fun. I hope you don't come back smelling like b.o. and cigarette smoke. xoxo