Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 4 & 5 Daugavpils Latvia

{Saturday May 12} 
Today we caught a bus to Daugavpils, Latvia which was about a 2 1/2 hour bus ride. We saw some beautiful country side on the way.
As soon as we got to Daugavpils we had to go eat at one of Reed's favorite place to get this kabob meat which he absolutely loved. He had something called a Lavass which is kinda like a burrito and I had a pita. It was really good.
I just love the old streets here in the Baltics.
Then we went to check out the church. It is the upstairs of another building still the same place as when Reed served here.
 Then we ended our day with some of Reed's favorite ice cream. Their ice cream cones are soft instead of hard. It is really good too.

 {Sunday May 13}
 We started our day off with some really awesome breakfast that our little hotel made us. It sure was delicious, not your average American breakfast but a Baltic breakfast!
 Then we went to church where Reed got to see everyone he loves and I got to see everyone that loves him. The branch was so excited to see him and were surprised he still speaks really good Russian. Reed translated all of sacrament and Sunday school for me and luckily there was a sister that knew really good English so she translated Relief Society for me. This is just about everyone in the branch including missionaries.
 This is a lady that Reed baptized. She was so excited to see him and we are going to go to her house tomorrow night to visit with her some more.
 After church the branch president and his wife, the Spalvins family invited us over for dinner. They live more in the country instead of apartments. I loved walking down the streets where the houses are and seeing everyone's cute little houses. This is their house with their awesome garden.
 This is where the Spalvins get all the water for their home. Yes that's right they don't have any running water.
 Sister Spalvins cooked an amazing dinner for us. They are such sweet people. It was nice sitting and talking with them for a while. They are just sweet humble people that are thankful for what they have. Here I am complaining about my little kitchen in my apartment and she had no counter space and had no sink to prepare her food. She is an amazing woman. 
My favorite part of this trip is meeting some amazing people and hearing their stories. It sure does make me appreciate my life more and I'm especially thankful for having the gospel in my life. I am who I am because of it and so are these wonderful people.
 This is a little boy of a lady that Reed knew here. His name is Clark, after one of the couple missionaries that served here and we just adopted him!!!
ha ha just kidding but we wished we could have taken him home with us, he is a cutie.
 We ended our day walking home under a beautiful sunset over the river.

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