Sunday, June 29, 2008

Firework War!

So I have some crazy guy friends. Every year around this time they have a firework war. They stand at opposite ends of a field and shoot fireworks at each other! Of course I sit in my car where its safe because I'm not dumb enough to let someone shoot fireworks at me. Sorry I don't want to be lit on fire. After they're done they have holes all over in their clothes. But I have to admit it is pretty funny to watch.

Well tonight as me and a couple of my girl friends were watching them, and someone shot off a firework and it went over the group of boys and into a bunch of weeds and bushes. It burst into flames! 

(One of the gifts I received from project graduation was a fire extinguisher and it's been in my trunk ever since.)

So I get the fire extinguisher out of my trunk and book it over to them and luckily they put the fire out. After that I was a little scared something else was gonna happen so I got out of there! But it was still pretty funny.


  1. That is hillarious. I just love the fact that you have a fire extinguisher. I'm so proud of you for being prepared.