Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Horse Riding

Last week my dear friend Lacie was kind enough to take Reed & I horseback riding.

We stopped by my house to take my nieces for a little ride.

Lexi loved to run on the horse & kept making Reed run. Kourt said "KK I like riding horses, but it's a little scary when they run." Every time Reed's horse started running my horse wanted to so I had to hold onto Kourt with a death grip while she bounced up and down.

Then once Reed and I started running Lacie's horse started. The thing is her horse is freakin HUGE and is much harder to hold onto. Especially since its so big they don't have a saddle for it.

Wes had to stand on the lawn mower to hop on. Yeah they were sore for a couple days from riding her.

p.s. only 17 days 20 hours 10 min and counting...

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  1. That sounds like so much fun. I love horse back riding. I should find some place around here and go horseback riding. I can't wait to see you really soon too.