Friday, September 11, 2009

The Today Show

We flew all night to get here just in time to do the show. We drove straight from the airport to the studio to get ready for the show.
The show went well this morning, short and sweet. We weren't quite sure what they were going to ask us but we figured it out. Matt and Meredith were so nice it was good to go back. We are both wiped out, but there is no room for sleep we're in NY!


  1. I just wanted to tell you I was watching the Today show by accident this morning and had never heard your story (I'm in FL) and as I walked past the TV, without really listening to the story at first, you caught my attention because I thought you looked "Mormon." I'm LDS too, living in FL, and just wanted to share that you have that special "glow" that people talk about--without knowing anything about you or your story, I could tell you were LDS. Then, I heard Reed say you got married in Monticello, UT, and that sealed the deal for me. I looked up your story--what fun! Thanks for being a good LDS example in the news!

  2. Hi Kaitlin! I've been following your story for a while now and it was great to see you on The Today Show this morning! Hope you two have a great time in NYC!!!

  3. Aww... You looked so beautiful!! haha... you have a great time in NY :) Don't get rained on too much :)

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  5. So cute. You guys looked great. I hope you have tons of fun in NY. Love you both and I'm glad that things are going well.

  6. Lauren was so sad she couldn't watch it with your mom like last time, but I did dvr it and we had another Kaitlin party when she got home and watched it. You got applause from me and Lauren. I hope you have great fun in NY.

  7. Aww, you guys did great on the show, as usual! I have to second Love's assessment - the Love of the Lord does shine thru you both. : ) Thanks for sharing the video cuz I wasn't able to watch it live!

    Happy touristing in NY! Be safe!


  8. you guys did awesome that was fun to watch! Look at all the good that came of it eh!! Fun times!!

  9. Thanks for sharing the video - we missed it, but you guys were great!
    Uncle Dave and Aunt Julie in Wyoming!