Monday, October 19, 2009

1 week down, 1 to go!

We are in Hualtuco, Mexico today. We rented a scooter for the whole day and took a little adventure around town. We found a little internet cafe and paid 1$ for an hour, on the ship its $1.75 per minute! yeah not gonna pay that much. We are having a blast and are enjoying the warm weather. Yes we still love eachother after spending a week together 24/7, we will probably need a break when we get back though. ha
I would put some pictures up but we have no time and the crystal clear blue water is calling our names for some snorkeling. We still have 5 more stops in Mexico but we do miss home. We miss you fam but will be back soon. Love you!


  1. I am jealous too!!! but glad you are having fun!! :-)

  2. Awww that sounds like so much fun :( can't wait to see pictures and i would like to come see you sometime