Thursday, May 6, 2010

Paria Canyon

This past weekend we went on a hike near Page, AZ. It is in Peria Canyon and was about 28 miles total in 3 days. It was a lot of fun, but tough! We went with Reed's parents, brother Preston, sister Paige, and his aunt and uncle that live in Monticello.
Rudy absolutely loved it! We even got him a little pack for him to carry his own food.

Yeah we had to walk through waist deep freezing cold muddy water... more than once.

This is the Paria River..Freezing cold water.Finally done....


  1. Look at you being all tough and rugged! Looks like you had fun. Hope you are having a great summer. Hopefully I'll be able to see you soon. Love you!

  2. Hi.

    Great pics!

    We are doing this hike in 2 weeks and I am guessing from the photos that there as still much water and mud in Buckskin this past weekend.
    What were the lessons learned and tips to share on your footwear choices.


    MJN/ Phoenix

  3. Hi MJN!
    The hike was really pretty you'll enjoy it. The water was almost waist deep in some places depending on how tall you are and lots of mud! I wore chaco sandals through the water and they worked really well but I also took hiking shoes cause some places were really rocky and needed more support. If you have quick dry pants they work really well especially when going through the river. It is really pretty and lots of fun though you'll enjoy it.

  4. Hi,

    I will be backpacking from Wirepass to Lees Ferry this Memorial weekend. How is the road condition from Hwy 89 to Wirepass trailhead? Can my Honda Accord make it you think? Thanks for the info. Looks like water in the Buckskin is still high.