Monday, June 28, 2010

My Dorky But Sweet Husband

Reed hitched a ride with his cousin Sunday night to Utah to go truck shopping since there isn't much around here for what we are looking for.
He knows how much I hate being home alone and he usually writes me a note and leaves something nice (like coke and donuts I'm a fat girl) but it was Sunday so he couldn't buy anything... Instead this is what I saw when I came home from church.
On the table.
BedJust when I thought that was it I found one here... Of course it wouldn't be complete without having on the toilet.Then I get ready to hop in the shower this morning and find another one.
I love my dorky but sweet husband.


  1. aww! that certainly makes up for no donuts!

  2. Was he buttering you up because he was going to buy a new truck? And I actually don't mind a bit when your hubbs is out-of-town because it means you will come to visit me! Next time, stay for dinner.