Thursday, July 22, 2010


This past weekend we went to Dulce, NM for the Little Beaver Roundup Celebration to sell corn. They had a rodeo and a pow wow and a carnival for 3 days. There was 3 other corn roasters there but we still did pretty good because of this guy.

He went back and forth all day between the rodeo and pow wow selling corn like the popcorn guys do. (Ignore the face he's making, he doesn't like me taking pictures of him)
This was the first pow wow I've ever seen and it went ALL night. It makes me dizzy watching them dance.
We sold roughly 1056 ears of corn and it was hard work, but there's nothing like working hard together .

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  1. I picked up some corn today and I loved it! I'm glad you guys get to work together. Glad all is going well. Love ya1