Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camping on the La Platas

After a tough week of corn roasting for the County Fair we decided to take a little relaxation time and go camping. We camped for 3 days 2 nights on the La Plata Mountains next to Kennebec Pass. It was a blast! We took Reed's sis Paige and nephew Eli.

Sorry for the overload of pics but it was so fun and pretty.

We loaded up these 2 bad boys and drove to the top of the mountain to camp.
We squished Rudy in cause of course he had to come too.
Top of Kennebec Pass.

Our camp spot.

Old mining cabin we hiked to.
Yes an outhouse, looks like its about to fall over.

Another mine we found.

Rude loved running around like crazy.

It was FOGGY when we woke up. It rained ALL night.

And we hiked to this beautiful waterfall on our way back. It was a nice fun trip just in time before school starts!


  1. That looks like so mcuh fun! It is way pretty up there! You guys always do fun things.

  2. that looks like fun... where exactly is that??? i wanna go camping! sorry we never made it down for the fair :( been SO busy. i take my MCAT sept 3rd... we'll see :( and concerts like the whole month of sept... u guys should come to one haha :) ready for school???

  3. Ooh...nice! I'm jealous. Looks like a lot of fun!!

  4. Amazing pictures. What beautiful scenery! What a fun trip!
    (I'm Kendra Olson's sister. I still drop by from time to time, and I'm still sharing your proposal story.)