Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This weekend we went to Los Alamos, NM where Reed's sister Annie lives. Reed's dad has to work Thanksgiving night so we decided to have a little pre-Thanksgiving dinner.
{taken with cell phone}
We went to this place called Valles Caldera outside of Los Alamos. It is a volcanic caldera and has a huge grass valley.
It was beautiful!

Pre-Thanksgiving dinner was so delish! Reed's step-mom Fila is a wonderful cook!
We decided to play some Cranium afterwards and the losers had to do ALL the dishes. We chose random teams and yep my team was victorious!
The losers that had to do all the dishes!
While the rest of us enjoyed delicious cake.
They wanted a rematch and we agreed but beat them again! This time they had to dance to a song for a minute (which I have on video but would be in BIG trouble if I posted that on here)
Reed danced to Backstreet Boy's song Larger than Life. It was priceless.
We had such a fun time. Now we get another feast on Thursday with my parents!

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