Monday, December 20, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Friday was my 22nd Birthday (can't believe I'm that old), it was great and my sweet husband made sure it was the best day ever.I'm always cold so He bought me the comfy sweats I'm wearing (explains the tag on my shirt).
Then he made me this awesome jewelry holder! I had it just hanging on nails on the wall so he made this for me. I love it!

Friday morning we got up and drove to St. George, UT to visit some friends. That night we went out to a cool restaurant called the Anasazi.After dinner we visited the temple to see the Christmas lights and displays. Reed also gave me this nice North Face jacket once we got to St. George.
It was very pretty.
Saturday morning we went back to the temple. Then..
Experienced 5 Guys for the first time and fell in love.

Our friends took us to The Forgotten Carols Play. Reed had never seen it before but we both loved it.
Sunday night we had a little get together at my mom's and my sister Amanda made me an awesome cake. It says Princess KK of course.
Everyone was there including my dear friend Missy, but the only picture I got was a fuzzy one with my niece Olivia.
It was the best birthday weekend ever! Thanks to my awesome husband, family and friends.
Now the business of the Christmas season has begun..

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