Friday, February 11, 2011


On Christmas night Reed's parents dog was hit by a car in front of their house and died. Then a week later their baby left for college. Reed and I decided that what they needed was a puppy to keep them busy so we went to the pound and adopted them a puppy!
We had her for the first weekend so we took her to see my nieces and they loved her and could not put her down.

Rudy even liked her too!

They named her Pepper.
{the happy family}
They were a little iffy at first and were just surprised that we got them a puppy but its been a couple weeks since then and they love her! They spoil her so much now its quite funny.

P.S. Reed and I made a little bet on the Superbowl and... I won! That means a hot date is in the works for this weekend. :)


  1. How fun! She is pretty cute! Rudy looks huge next to her. I'm happy you won a hot date! Love you and miss you.

  2. Well that's kind of a win-win bet eh? Way to go ;) Make it a good one Reed!

  3. You guys are crazy. Can't wait to meet Pepper. :)

  4. The girls still ask all the time when they can see the puppy again. They loved her! Boy do we need a fence so these kids can have a puppy of their own.