Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Havasupai Falls Day 1

{Thursday June 2}
We woke up at 2 am to drive to the spot of the Grand Canyon to hike down at. We started hiking down to Havasupai Falls at 5 am. This is what it looked like when we started. All you could see was head lamps coming down the canyon.
We saw some pretty sights along the way.

Tried to catch a ride but we weren't so lucky.
10 miles later we finally made it and was able to enjoy this beauty. The famous Havasu Falls.
We were so excited we could barely stand it!
We then took a little trip to see another waterfall called Mooney Falls.
It was quite the hike down.
This waterfall is the tallest in the continental U.S. and it is beautiful!

 We then played in the river below Mooney falls in little drops like this one.
The pictures really do not do this place justice.
After a LONG day we soaked our feet in the river and went to bed because we had a big day ahead of us tomorrow.
Day 2 to be continued...

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