Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Los Alamos

{June 26th, 2011}
A couple weeks ago Reed and I were having a rough week and we decided we just needed to go on a little trip. We decided to leave after church to Los Alamos where Reed's sister Annie lives.
Yep we decided to take the motorcycle and less than half way there my buns were hurting. Its not a very comfortable ride for a long time, but it sure was fun and a cool experience.
Driving into town we saw this..

Long story short we were only able to stay 1 night instead of 2 and we were evacuated with Annie's family on Monday afternoon. The good news though the fire never reached the town and Los Alamos is back open.
It was sure a quick/short trip, but it was fun and we learned that is way to far for a bike ride.


  1. yikes! glad you, and the town, are okay!!

  2. Glad you are safe. Looks fun and I hope your buns are feeling better.