Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kickball Tournament

This weekend we were in a city kickball tournament with some family and friends and let me tell you it was so much fun! We played 5 games and in the tournament we played 3 games, so a total of 8 games. We won every one of our games and took first place!! In return we got a gift certificate to Applebee's. One lady commented that we were very good and I told her we travel the country and she believed me until I told her I was kidding. :)

Somehow we all ended up getting these stick on mustaches. They were super funny especially on Reed. We thought he looked like a Russian aerobics instructor and we all kept trying to get him to speak some Russian.
 Stash love <3

 Our team name was "kick or die" but next year we are going to make it "kick your stash" :) We have to defend our title.

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  1. I love it and I love you! Kick your stash is really funny and I love that you were in a kickball tournament. Doesn't surprise me one bit.