Monday, March 19, 2012

Time Out for Women

{March 16-17 2012}
This weekend I went to Albuquerque with my mother in law Barb and 3 sister in laws Meshan, Genie and Annie to a Time Out for Women conference. Barb's friend Mary also met up with us there.
It was an awesome conference and I am super glad I went. I heard some very good, uplifting speakers and some sweet music as well. It makes me very happy that I'm a member of the LDS church. I left feeling uplifted and inspired to be the best I can be.

Hilary Weeks was a musician that was there who was a great speaker as well. I loved this music video she showed us as she sang. Enjoy.


  1. This cider made me cry. I am glad you ad a nice time.

  2. I don't know why my I Pad changed video to cider. This video maid me cry.