Sunday, April 1, 2012

Simon Canyon Ruin

 {Saturday March 31}
Reed, his brother Shawn and I went on a day hike to a place called Simon Canyon Ruin. It is a little ways past Aztec, NM by Navajo Dam. The hike wasn't very far but it was really cool. This ruin is on top of a 20 ft boulder which makes it even more cool. It was the perfect day and perfect weather for this hike.

 Isn't it cool?!


  1. i was too wussy to climb the rope!! glad you did:) miss you

  2. You guys are lame. I was stuck at home trying to figure out how to get Jonas to a soccer game in Durango, Nora to a game in Kirtland and Clara to her game in Aztec. All starting within 30 minutes of eachother.

    Seriously though, cool pictures. We went camping there a few years ago and took the kids on that hike. They loved it.