Sunday, February 3, 2013


Our New Years was pretty low key. Reed worked up until Midnight and got home right after the stroke of midnight to come home and give me a new years kiss. We got to celebrate by drinking Martinelli's in these sweet glasses I got from one of my friends for my birthday. We would put them in a China cabinet if we had them but we are saving them for all our fancy dinners we may have in the future.

The 4th we put our boots on and went to a Rodeo at McGee park. It was good entertainment and got to see some cool bull riders. The whole time we dreamed of being a cowboy and a cowgirl and owning a huge ranch. That is our dream to someday own a bunch of land with animals and such. Someday...

Reed finally shaved his man beard off. He left a stache for a total of... 5 minutes, then realized how ridiculous he looked and shaved it off. I'm married to such a nerd, but I sure do love him!
The next weekend the 12th we took a trip to this place with the youth in our ward. Its always a good day going to the temple and getting the refreshing feeling again.
The next weekend we had ABC 20/20 come to our living room for an interview to be aired at a later date, which we aren't sure of yet. It took them 3 hours to set up the cameras! Crazy huh but they got it all done and over with and it was a good time. It is for a show about things that survive the human body. Pretty much they are all crazy survival stories and I, well survived eating my ring and I lived to tell about it. ha
To end our month I just wanted to add a picture of me walking our dog, Rudy. Yes he is just running beside our car. I was going just the next street over to get something from Reed's mom's house so Rudy just went for a little walk with me, yes I know I'm lazy.

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  1. Looks like you guys have had a pretty good start of the new year. So glad you are doing well. Love you guys!