Thursday, January 9, 2014

November & December

November and December were good and busy months for us. Reed's little sister Paige got married in Manti, UT in November. Manti is such a beautiful temple and it was a beautiful wedding.
One of Reed's new love is coyote hunting. I got to go with him a couple times in between study sessions. It was fun but it was more fun seeing Reed get so excited about it.
I officially finished my first semester the middle of December. It definitely was a tough couple of months, but I honestly loved it and am so happy I made this choice in my life. Only 4 more semesters to go but I know it'll go by fast. 
One of our favorite things to do when family comes to town is to go shooting. We had a blast but we also found this sweet pond when we went so naturally we thought ice skating. We gathered up some ice skates, hockey sticks, made a few goals and brought the lights to have some fun.
And it was fun! Despite the huge bruise I got on my knee from falling so many times. We tried to go again the next week but it was warmer and had thawed too much.

We had a great low key Christmas spent with both our families. Reed got this sweet benelli shot gun that he loves and I got a new camera (that I'm taking this picture with)
Right after Christmas we headed to Boise ID for yes another wedding. This time Reed's little brother Preston. It was also a great wedding, just a quick trip. I am so happy to have Jess as another sister.

 It was a great couple of months, and a great year. We know 2014 will be just as great!

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