Friday, September 26, 2014

Engineer Mountain

 {September 13, 2014}
We had a little family camping get together at Haviland Lake near Durango, CO a couple weeks ago. During our get together we decided to take a stroll up Engineer Mountain. However it was anything but a stroll. Reed and I have been up Engineer a couple times but we have never been to the very top because it can be quite sketchy and we weren't completely sure which way to go. But this time we made it to the tip top! We tracked a little over 6 miles, 2500 ft in elevation gain reaching a total of 12,973 ft at the summit. It was a beautiful day for a hike!

Starting to get super steep. From this point on it feels like it is straight up but the views just get better and better.

He is just a little insane.

Right about here it got a little scary and I was worried about getting back down on the way back. The rocks were pretty slick to hold on to and this is where I contemplated my life and thought about turning around.
But this crazy guy right here told me to keep going... so I did.

Finally made it to the top!

Definitely worth it! Feels like you are on top of the world and can see for forever!

Part of the crew {Bryce, Jess, Preston, Adam, Paige, Reed and I}
Sure do love this crazy man!

Definitely cool to officially check that one off our bucket list! And definitely a beautiful sight to see.

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  1. Seriously. I swear Joe and Reed are brothers in another life! Such a dare devil! And look at Paige! 8.5 months pregnant and climbing mountains. Beautiful views!