Friday, July 11, 2008

Church Softball

Every year for our Pioneer Celebration in Kirtland we have a church softball league. Since I basically like playing every kind of sport I'm on a team with my friends. Its pretty fun and we've won every game we've played so far. Even though I'm not exactly what you call an all-star its just fun playing. 
Well tonight after our game my ward was playing and didn't have enough players so they recruited most of my team to play, so we did just for fun. About 3/4 into the game I was at 3rd base and the ball was thrown over first so I decided to make a run for home. I was almost there and decided to slide into the plate. I was halfway down and all of a sudden things just go black. The next thing I know i'm laying on the plate and everyone is staring at me. I got hit in the jaw with the ball! I didn't even really feel a whole lot of pain but the ump was staring at me like I was dead. I just grabbed my jaw got up and said I'm okay. They kept asking me over and over if I was but I really was okay.
The weird thing is it didn't even hurt. It wasn't some cheap throw either cause it was a guy and threw it right to my face. Since the game was almost over I just sat the rest out with a cold water bottle on my face. Everybody kept coming to look at me, asked me if I had all my teeth, and if I was alright. I must be doing something right because you would think getting hit in the face would be pretty painful. All the guys kept calling me tough because they said if it were them they'd be crying. 
I just went home and put some ice on it and it only hurts when I try to eat or laugh so don't make me laugh! lol I'm thinking I'm going to have a pretty big bruise tomorrow though. Needless to say I'll still be playing next week. :)


  1. Wow Kaitlin that is exactly something that would happen to you. You have to post a picture of it if you get a bruise. That's funny because the other day I was playing softball up here on the intermural team and I was running back to first and a guy threw the ball and it me right in the back and it didn't really hurt to bad either, but I don't know how I would be doing if it was my face. So do you have all your teeth? Well just keep us updated and I can't wait to see you next week. We need to make sure we do something ok.

  2. That is what you get for playing church ball. Those Mormons are crazy!