Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some People's Kids

I have this weird thing I do. I like to take pictures of crazy people I see in public and send it to my friends. The hard part is trying to take a picture of them with out them noticing and looking at me funny. Its quite embarrassing when that happens because I've had it happen before. 
Well this guy here makes it on my list of why the heck would you go out in public looking like this.
This was in a hotel lobby somewhere in Utah I believe. We saw him when we drove up to the hotel and was afraid to go in because of him. I was laughing so hard when I was trying to take the picture. Although this picture doesn't do him justice, you get the idea. My favorite is the lady in the background looking at him, just can't take your eyes off him.
Although we didn't stay at that particular hotel that guy made my night. I'm just mad at myself i didn't get his number. haha


  1. I thought that was G-ma's man?

  2. I always thought I did crazy things but apparently not. I got chastised by a man in Maceys for wearing pajamas to the store. I wonder what he would have said to this guy.

  3. Why would you be stupid enough to go shopping in you pj's?