Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little Bit of Golf

Reed and I played a little round of golf in my backyard the other day.

We decided to make a little competition out of it....
First one to make 5 shots in the bucket wins. Loser has to come with a creative date to take the other one on.

I thought I had it in the bag...
Reed came up from behind from out of nowhere.
I was wrong, I lost.. Any ideas for this weekend?


  1. Go fly some kites, or go to walmart and get little paint kits and paint pictures and make someone judge them. Or make cookies and sell them and then use the money to go get ice cream. Just a few ideas.

  2. It might be too late, you probably went on the date last night, but here's some ideas anyway...
    *Go to Walmart, and each of you has to pick out an outfit for the other one and you try them on and come out and model for eachother. Shoes and accessories included. I still have the pic. from when Trey and I did this. It's classic!
    *Picnics are always fun, but find a unique place where you might not normally have one.
    *Dinner and a movie is great, but for some reason when it's outside it's even better! Roast some marshmallows and have s'mores too!

    I have lots more where these came from! Call me anytime you need an idea. Trey is the KING of creative dates!

  3. Lol! You guys are so cute. This is totally what broke married couples do too. When Tarren and I first got married we were living in this tiny little trailer and we were so bored. We invented a game called "beaner". We took this big giant bowl someone gave us for our wedding, and a big bag of jelly beans...another wedding gift...and angled the bowl a little bit against a couch cushion. We would start close to the bowl and see who could get the most jelly beans in the bowl. After you make one from close, you have to back up, until you are across the room. It's hard because since the bowl is tilted and glass, the jelly beans would bounce out if thrown too hard and wouldn't make it in if thrown too soft! Go play that game on a date lol ;)