Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding Luncheon

After the wedding we had a luncheon in Blanding for everyone that came to the wedding. We had some delicious food there that Reeds family made for us all. Reed's mom wanted to have frosties at the luncheon so she called up Wendy's and they were glad to help out with anything. It was awesome!


  1. I love the baskets for the food, that's a neat idea! Speaking of neat ideas... Reed didn't try to hide anything in this frosty, did he? ; )

  2. Those are really cute pictures. I really like how you had all those pictures of you two in the old windows. Plus the food was really good.

  3. those are really cute :) you look so so so beautiful... all the pictures on the table... but you need to text me... how is the married life?? love ya