Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wedding Photos!

Finally wedding pictures! It took me 10 hours to upload all of these so I sure hope you all love them.

For you sis wells :)

Haha yeah we look retarded

Finally married....


  1. KK you look absolutely beautiful! I am so glad you are happy! You deserve it! I hope I get to see you soon Mrs. Harris. Love you!

  2. Babe you look so so so so beautiful I love it... I'm so sad that I couldn't be there... But I will take a trip to come and see you and your house Mrs. Harris :) aww KK Harris it has a ring to it... Anyways congrats! LOVE YOU

  3. Wow! Your dress was awesome & you both look so happy & wow your new hubby can jump high! : )

    Congrats again & thanks for sharing photos!!


  4. aww congrats you look beautiful!! What a day finally eh after all the fun of being engaged!!

  5. The pictures look great! Congratulations.

  6. Kaitlin, I love the pictures. You look so beautiful. I'm so happy that I was able to come. I can't wait to come and visit you in your new house. I'm glad you are so happy! See you soon.

  7. I love the pix! I have been waiting for them and they were worth the wait! Congrats you guys! Married life is the BEST!!!!!!

  8. Kaitlin, you are a beautiful bride!!! You and your hubby both look stunning! Congratulations!!!!
    Hope your honeymoon was great!!!
    Thank for sharing the lovely photos!
    Just also got married June 27, 2009!