Monday, March 1, 2010

My dorky husband

As most of you know my husband is a big dork. Well he reminded me of that this weekend when he entered a wrestling tournament in Albuquerque with some high school friends. I guess it was a big deal because there was over 1,000 wrestlers.

They had 8 mats going at one time.
My dorky husband did way good for having no physical activity since high school. He practiced all week and was way serious about it. I thought it was funny and laughed every time he talked about it. Well he got 2nd place!(in his weight category)

I asked him to take a picture with his medal he got but he wouldn't, he said he's not a little kid anymore. [he only got excited like a little kid]

Here is my little stud his senior year. He was state runner up back in the day. I'm not a fan of wrestling but I'm a fan of Reed.

Our families have got a kick out of it and his sister Meshan started calling him Nacho
[nacho libre] I'm just glad Reed has a good sense of humor because this is only the start!


  1. Oh my! I love it!!! Boys are so funny about doing things like this and reliving the glory days. However, 2nd place is prett good. I'm glad he didn't get hurt. Can't wait to hear about other things he decides to do.

  2. Yeah baby!!! Good job Nacho. Way to get 2nd place, can't wait to see the medal! ;-)