Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hope Chest Makeover

I recently completed this hope chest and it looks way better than it started for sure.
I remembered to take a before picture right after I started with wood filler.
The top says "He loves me he loves me not, It matterth little I'm what he's got."
I really loved the saying but it just didn't match with anything in my house. {NOT!}

And here is the after!

Rudy likes it too!

Things have been super busy in the Harris home lately. Work, work, work and school school school. But the good news is only 1 1/2 weeks until spring break! Maybe then we will actually do something out of our regular routine, a girl can dream.


  1. Oh I understand the business of life right now. Unfortunately I don't have any breaks until graduation but just think only about 6 weeks left of school and I'm done! I love the hope chest! You are a just so great!

  2. Nice handy work. I want to see your little casa. I bet it's so cute.