Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun times

 {Tuesday March 15, 2011}
This bad boy took me to play racquetball.
It was tons of fun but I am SOOO out of shape I was feeling it the next day. But my husband is awesome at racquetball! I kept cheating on the score and he still beat me.

{Saturday March 19, 2011}
We went for a bike ride with our nephew Eli.
Part 2 of me being SOO out of shape... However, it wouldn't have been so bad if we would've figured out that my back break was rubbing on the tire the whole time. Yeah we figured it out when we were done. Don't ask me why I didn't know, I was focused on trying not to pass out.

Do you remember one of my goals this year to run 2 half marathons? Yeah call me a procrastinator because I have done nothing these first 3 months.

Reed and I went running I went running last night. I ran about 1 1/2 miles.(no after picture of this one, trust me you don't want to see it) It felt good and surprisingly I feel really good today. We hope to keep it up because we both need it. I want to be able to walk to my car in the parking lot of Wal-mart without huffing and puffing. 
Wish us luck, we need it. :)


  1. LOL that is such a bummer about the back break...just means you got a better work out than the rest:)

  2. Looks like you are having lots of fun! My half is in two weeks! I can't believe I'm actually doing it but I'm excited. Hope all is well. Love ya!