Monday, April 4, 2011


This weekend Reed and I were able to go to Salt Lake for General Conference for our church. We went to go to Reed's mission reunion and hang out with some old mission companions. We were also able to hook up with one of my best friends Missy.
{in the conference center}
We had a good weekend being away from our normal routine, plus there's nothing like being in the same room as the prophet. <3


  1. Kaitlin it was so great to see you. I had so much fun and I love that although it's been awhile since we talked or saw each other, our conversation felt like it never stopped. You are wonderful and I hope you have a great day!

  2. Ah man! You guys are LUCKY! I wish I knew you were going. You could have gone to the Church Museum and checked out Clara's art work she has in there.

  3. What?!? You were in my area and didn't even stop by to say hi...I am appalled! You better have a dang good excuse girl.

  4. that is a cuuuute picture, and hooray for conference! i think it'd be neat to actually BE there for one. ahh, dreams! : )