Thursday, April 28, 2011

BIG Orange

Reed has been wanting an older truck for some time now so we started looking around for some good deals. We found one that we both really liked but the guy sold it without ever calling us back, Reed was bummed. That day we were driving and saw one just like it in someone's field. It was in better shape, however it didn't have a for sale sign. "Mr. Bright Idea" {as our families like to call him} decided to go knock on their door to see if they wanted to sell it. 

I thought Reed was crazy and told him not to but.... he did anyway and much to my surprise they did want to sell it. I liked it, Reed loved it, it was in excellent shape and best of all it was a sweet deal. Meet our new addition to our family. 
A 1978 Ford F-150 Ranger. 

Our intentions are to put a little work into it here and there and get this thing in tip top shape. Reed was doing just that on Tuesday night when this happened...

This picture was taken at 2 AM when we got home from the ER.
Nice huh...
More to come on that later.

We are trying to come up with a name for our new ride. Reed likes Big Orange, I like Orange Blur. Anybody have suggestions??


  1. Orange Crush... like Orange Crush Soda. I'm totally digging it!

    Here's some more names for you... Disaster, Sunny D, Tangelo, Carrot Top, Flamin' , Fatty Fatty Four-by-Four, Doom, The Death of Reed, Sunset on the Horizon, Orangalicious.

    Let me know if you guys need any help naming your future children. :)

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  3. I think Meshan's names are awesome! Go with Carrot Top or Carrot on Wheels!

    Oh Reed!

  4. Hey I tried to leave a comment earlier but was signed into my sister's account. I like this thing and the names left earlier. I can't wait to see it when I get there.

  5. Love it! my mom had a truck just like that 2 years ago but sold it. wouldnt that be funny if it were the same one:) congrats