Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reed's Hand

{Tuesday April 26}
As I mentioned in my last post Reed was working on his truck when something unexpected happened. He was tightening a bolt when the wrench slipped off and shot his hand upward where he cut open his knuckles.
I took him to urgent care because we knew he would need some stitches. After waiting there which seemed like forever they sent us to the E.R. because they wanted to be safe.
We waited and waited and waited. Finally Reed was taken back and then we waited and waited some more before we saw the doctor. Once Reed's hand was numbed up the doctor took a look and found out that Reed cut his tendon.
Reed now has a surgery scheduled for Tuesday morning. Thank goodness we still have insurance is all I have to say.


  1. Trey said Reed should name the truck Arnch.

    P.S. Bummer about the surgery!

  2. oh dang poor guy.. that is no fun at all!! good thing u saved some money on that truck, looks like you'll be spending it on hospital bills lol