Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coffee Table

When Reed and I were newly married we found a coffee table at a yard sale for $10 so we snatched it right up. The only thing it needed was a paint job. Reed decided he would be the one to take on this task and lets just say his finish on the table wasn't to my liking, but he LOVED it! Every time someone would come over and comment on our coffee table he would just look at me with the biggest smile. I finally decided to "fix" Reed's job, even though it wasn't that bad I just wanted it to go along more with my taste. Unfortunately I do not have any before pictures cause I'm forgetful cool like that.

I'm very happy with the way it turned out! Now I just need some cute decorations for the top, I already have a plan. Plus Reed said he likes my job better than his :)


  1. It looks great! So funny you posted about this today. Trey and I have um, differences of opinion about furniture and paint sometimes too. I posted about painting furniture too!

  2. You are so good at this stuff! You are so talented. Love you!

  3. Cute table. $10 can't bet that.