Monday, August 29, 2011

Highland Marys

This weekend Reed and I went on a hike past Silverton called Highland Marys. We left Friday morning and stayed the night and came home Saturday afternoon. It is about a 2 1/2 mile hike there which isn't too bad but its uphill so it makes it a little tougher. It was so pretty and that's why there is a overload of pictures.

{About to leave}

 Reed took his fishing pole to try some fishing. There was tons of fish jumping everywhere but he didn't catch anything, but we saw a guy there that caught a ton and he was using marshmallows. So next time we know the secret.

We hiked to the top of this ridge to get a good view of the whole place. Our tent is all the way down between the two lakes.
 We had tons of fun being there and only saw 2 other people while we were there. It was a great hike and a great weekend with my love.


  1. That is really really pretty. It looks like it was a lot of fun. I love the second to last picture and the pictures of you two on the rocks are great! I just love your pictures and I love you.

  2. That looks way beautiful! You guys should take us there sometime :) Would be fun! We need to do some kind of adventure together soon. What say you?

  3. oh my goodness those pictures are professional grade gorgeous!

    and also happy 25th to reed!