Monday, September 12, 2011

Date Night

{Friday September 9}
On Friday Reed really wanted to go see the movie Contagion, he really likes Matt Damon. I said okay but as long as he took me out to dinner before the movie. Well instead of dinner we first went golfing. Then instead of dinner again we went and played ultimate frisbee. Well ultimate frisbee didn't turn out so well. I was trying to block a throw and took a frisbee to the chin that resulted in this..
My first set of stitches! Yep crazy huh, I now have 4 stitches in my chin and Reed calls me stitch face. I guess I deserve it because I called him dipstick when he had his accident. We made it in time to go to the movie and had Sonic on the way, I guess he still took me out to dinner just not what I had in mind. The movie however stunk, not the best date we had in mind.


  1. Oh man! Tone down the fun a bit eh? Haha jk I hope all is well for you two. Love you guys! Take care of the chin of yours :)

  2. You two have some of the craziest things happen to you. This doesn't surprise me and with you nothing surprises me any more. I'm sorry you had to get stitches but I think you are great and I love your stitch face.

  3. Ouch! I'm sorry. I know your pain! I've had stitches 3 times now. Just keep sunscreen on it because it minimizes the visibility of the scar. I've only found this out recently which is why my scars are so noticeable.