Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Girl's Day

 {Saturday January 21, 2011}
I went snowshoeing with my two sister-in-laws. They wanted to have a girls day with no kids and no husbands so I agreed to go along. We went to the same place we went before since we knew where to go. It was snowing the whole time we were snowshoeing so we accidentally got on the wrong trail on our way down and got lost for a couple hours, but all is well. We found our way back before we were snowed in. It was a blast just having a girls day, but we decided our next girl's day we will do something girly like shopping instead of getting lost in the wilderness for 2 hours!

 We saw this cow hiding under a tree all by himself, random huh!
 {We found the trail after being lost :) }


  1. That looks like fun! You should really teach me how to be outdoorsy! Haha! I would love to do things like that! Looks like you had fun though!

  2. My dad told me about your talk. Good analogy, where did you come up with something so great? lol He also told me you really touched a particular person in the audience and brought him to tears 3 times!!!

  3. I have a really intense desire to get snowshoes now. We should go camping this summer. Noah and I will come down!