Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last Hurrah

Reed and I decided to do something fun for our last weekend before school started. We headed to Colorado Friday afternoon after work. Reed and I went to a little pizza place we heard was good. It was a interesting place that's for sure. There was one dollar bills all over the walls, not exactly sure why. When we asked them what the story was they gave us markers and a staple gun to add to the collection, so we did :)

We woke up super early Saturday morning to hike Engineer mountain between Durango and Silverton. We have been before but it was in the dark so it was a different experience since we could see. :)


After our hike we went to Purgatory to mountain bike with Reed's brothers. They take you to the top on the lift and there are different trails you ride down. It was super fun.

After a long day of mountain biking we headed to cascade falls to cool off. I didn't jump in this time but hiked down to the last fall instead to just watch.
It was a fun jam packed weekend but it was worth it and we had so much fun. Now its back to real life since school started Monday and it is going to be busy!

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  1. looks like you guys had fun. I love to see that you are always trying to squeeze in some us time. That will go a long way in your marriage.