Saturday, October 20, 2012

Recent Happenings

After this semester started it seems like we are busy all the time, but every once in a while we find some time to squeeze some fun things in. Not as much as I'd like but heck we can't complain.

Last Weekend {Sat Oct. 13} I ran a 5k race with my mom. Luckily I had her to keep me going because I wasn't in shape at all but we made it. My mom is amazing for taking up running and I think she did awesome. I was the one breathing hard not her.

Reed went to Utah to do another Tough Mudder. This is a finish photo of Reed, Preston, Derek, and Shawn. They had a blast as usual.

This weekend we entered into Farmington's annual kickball tournament. We had to play a few games with our famous staches.
 We had a blast and yep that's right our team won again! This year it was a close call but we pulled through and won a $200 giftcard to Three Rivers.

It was nice to do something fun on a weekend instead of studying the whole time. We are half way through the semester which means Reed is almost done! We are for sure looking forward to it and hoping things will calm down in our life

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