Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I finally finished school yesterday so I finally have time to update this sad blog of mine. Its been a crazy life the past couple months but somehow we survived and made it through alive. Now I have 3 weeks off school to relax, even though I'm still working it'll be a huge. I plan on sleeping in everyday and I don't even care!

In November I went to the Breaking Dawn 2 midnight premier with some friends. Yes we are nerds but we do it just to have some fun time together.

{November 17}
I ran another 5K with my mom. It was the turkey trot and I even got a sweet shirt out of it.

This little sweet Nephew of mine was also born in November and I just can't get enough of him he is so cute just like his sisters. I love being an Aunt.
Reed and I got a few days of for Thanksgiving break and it was amazing. I didn't study at all and spent some time with this guy instead. We had a shooting date one afternoon and shot at one of our old roasted corn signs for target practice.
For Thanksgiving Reed had a bunch of family in town which consisted of many game nights. One night we got together for a volleyball tournament and ended it with a heated match of 4 square. It was a good time like always.
I got to help my mom make some of her famous homemade turkey noodle soup. Its seriously my favorite part of the holidays. I look forward to her soup more than Thanksgiving dinner itself.
The last weekend of November we participated in a dodge ball tournament again. It was super fun and I was super sore afterwards. I need to get out more so this doesn't happen. It was so much fun and we barely came in second. We barely lost to a couple heated matches but you have to give us credit the team we lost to were scary. Two of the guys on the other team were college pitcher over 6 ft tall and could chuck that ball super hard. Most of their team were college athletes so I was happy with our outcome.
And just in case you want to know just how serious we are about our dodgeball I'll leave you with this picture....
Don't mess with us we mean serious business.

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